Graham puts on running shoes for charity

Our Chairman, Graham Bentley will be putting on his running shoes and competing in the 10k race at this year’s Bridgwater Half Marathon event and raising money for charity.

Raising money for Love Musgrove

The 57-year-old, who suffered a heart attack in February, 2022, is raising money for Love Musgrove, which is the official charity of Musgrove Park Hospital, where he was treated.

Giving back

He said: “Back in early 2022, I suffered a heart attack and was treated at Musgrove Park Hospital. All of the nurses and doctors there were amazing and saved my life. This is a cause close to my heart, quite literally, and I want to give back what I can to help them, just as they helped me.

“I’ve decided to run the 10k race at this year’s Bridgwater Half Marathon event, which takes place in September, and am currently in training. Although 10k doesn’t seem that far for a challenge to some people, I have to be sensible about how far I run these days.”

Sponsor Graham

Anyone interested in sponsoring Graham can do so here.

Love Musgrove

Love Musgrove funds things at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton above and beyond what the NHS covers. It helps to create a comfortable, engaging environment for patients that supports family and friends too.

The charity also provides staff with training and development opportunities, including state of the art equipment, and enables wards to buy items to make patients’ stays more comfortable.

Musgrove Park Hospital serves a population of more than 544,000 people across Somerset with more than 740 beds, 34 wards, 15 operating theatres, a fully equipped imaging department and a purpose-built cancer treatment centre.

Incredibly proud

Zoe Steer, Head of Fundraising at Love Musgrove, said: “We are incredibly proud to be supporting Graham in his challenge and for him to be raising money for the staff who looked after him and saved his life.”

Bridgwater Half Marathon event

The Bridgwater Half Marathon event takes place on Sunday, September 3 and also includes 10km and 5km races.


John helps fundraise for families effected by cancer

John helps fundraise for families effected by cancer

John Wake from Waterlooville is helping fundraise for families effected by cancer with a charity football tournament and fundraising day.

Friends Fighting Cancer

He has submitted a team to the charity, Friends Fighting Cancer (FFC), and is competing in its annual charity Football for Cancer tournament in honour of his late nan, Olive Rush.

A fitting tribute to Olive

The 29-year-old, who is a Lead Air Hygiene Engineer at air filter manufacturing and services company, Jasun Envirocare, said: “When my nan was diagnosed with cancer, she received some fantastic help from Friends Fighting Cancer, who enabled her to commute to appointments and treatments, which would otherwise have put great financial strain on her and the rest of the family.

“My cousin Alex and I have decided to raise money for FFC in our nan’s name, which seems a fitting tribute as Olive dedicated more than 50 years of her life to charitable work. We’re very grateful that Jasun has agreed to sponsor our team and offered their support throughout.”

Team Olive Rush

Team Olive Rush will be playing its next game on Sunday, April 9 at West Leigh Park at 12noon, followed by its final game of the tournament on Sunday, April 30 at AFC Portchester.

Fundraising Day to honour Olive

John is also organising a fundraising day to honour Olive, on July 1 at the Centurion pub, Crookhorn from 12noon. There will be a variety of activities from a bouncy castle, face painting, a raffle, carnival games and an ice-cream van followed by a live band in the evening.

A worthy cause 

Friends Fighting Cancer is a non-profit organisation that hosts fundraising activities to benefit families. It also establishes communities of participants, sponsors, and supporters who can partake in its events and promote awareness of FFC.

Since 2008, it has hosted multiple football tournaments, one-off matches, raffles, bucket collections, walking events, boxing events, skydives, darts tournaments, and more.

We’ve launched a new production line in Bridgwater

We’re making the new product – designed to help increase filter efficiency, reduce energy consumption and offer greater performance levels – at our factory in Bridgwater.

NEW – SuperpleatXC Panel Filters

Colin Hitch, our Managing Director, says: “Our inhouse clean air solution experts have created our new SuperpleatXC Panel Filters. This new filter has self-righting properties, is suitable for damp and wet conditions, and can be used in any application where a regular disposable panel filter is currently being used.

Boost efficiency

“They are designed to consistently boost efficiency throughout the filter’s service life, saving businesses that use them in their air filtration systems, both energy and money. What’s also brilliant about these new filters is that they are resilient, which makes them much easier to transport, and virtually eliminates any shipping damage, so we can send them out both nationally and worldwide.

Maintain good air hygiene

“Companies, particularly in commercial, retail and office environments, and catering and hospitality sectors, all need air filters and filtration systems in place to maintain good air hygiene. Airborne particles can get into your lungs, potentially leading to health conditions. If air from outside is being drawn into a building with a fan, you’ll want to filter it before pumping it into a room, this stops unwanted polluting particles.

For health & wellbeing

“Our SuperpleatXC Panel Filters are perfect, not just for commercial and industrial use, but also for residential settings – anywhere where clean air is essential for health and wellbeing. They can help prevent all sorts of pollutants from entering a building and deliver improved indoor air quality.

Thermally bonded media

“Our new panel filters are constructed using a thermally bonded synthetic non-woven media, which is formed into pleats to create an extended filter area for air to flow over.

“The self-supported pleats are sealed into a robust spunbond frame using hotmelt, which ensures a 100% seal at the filter edge. In addition, a hotmelt pleat fix is placed to ensure filter stability and further add to the filter’s strength. This is all done on our production line here in Bridgwater.”

Boost overall panel filter capacity

Our new automated production line runs continuously during the daytime resulting in a welcome boost in our overall panel filter capacity.

Strong, durable & safe

Colin adds: “Our new filters are strong, durable and safe – they are Fire Rated F1 DIN53438. They have a low pressure drop, are high dust holding, moisture proof and are better for the environment. This filter is classified as suitable for Waste to Energy (WtE) and providing it is disposed of in this way, zero goes to landfill. Having a lower pressure drop means a reduction in energy consumption and operating costs, which is also better for the planet.

Ideally for rough handling

“These filters are ideally suited to site situations where rough handling can take place, where pleated filters are currently in use and higher performance is required. They can run at high airflows and are not prone to collapse or burst.”

How to buy

Our new SuperpleatXC Panel Filters and all our products can be purchased direct from us via our online one-stop-shop.