Clean Air Management


Legislation and media attention have combined to make company owners increasingly aware of their responsibilities for maintaining healthy and safe working environments for their employees and customers.

It is known that poor quality air within mechanically ventilated buildings negatively impacts on the health of those using it, causing symptoms such as tiredness, lethargy, headaches, and dry or itchy skin and eye irritation.

Against this background, building owners and managers need to adhere to BS EN 13779: 2007 IAQ standards and have a clear duty to make sure that they have appropriate measures in place to ensure that they have assessed risks:

• Which may be present in their ventilation system
• To their employees health
• From fire in 'high-risk' extract systems such as cooking canopy extractors etc.

Clean Air Management Related Technical Bulletins from Jasun Envirocare:

Eurovent EN779:2012 - A Guide to Compliance
Eurovent 4/11 - The Energy Rating System for Air Filters
Eurovent EN13779:2007 - Achieving Optimal Air Quality (IAQ)
Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Testing Services

Our Clean Air Management Services include:
• Mechanical cleaning of air conditioning ductwork to HVCA TR/19 requirements, to ensure energy reductions or minimal use of energy due to clean resistance free systems
• Access doors and fire dampers supplied and fitted
• Air quality management and ongoing monitoring of air ductwork systems, including sampling and logbooks
• Biocidal disinfection of ductwork systems
• Mechanical cleaning of Kitchen Extract Systems
• Fire Damper Maintenance and Validation to the latest Fire Risk Assessment standards
• Inspection and Certification of LEV Systems maintained to HSG54
• All air hygiene works comply with HVCA TR/19 guidance - a specific requirement by insurance companies with regard to Kitchen Extract Systems and TM: 26.
• Ventilation hygiene risk assessments, also (VHRA) for Indoor Air Quality monitoring.
• Filtration units and housings including safe change and side access
• Validate maintenance practices regime.

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