Why choose us?

You may have just realised you need filters; you may have had them for years and be looking for a new supplier or to change up your system to ensure you are following best practice.
Whatever you need, we can help.

The highlights
• As one of the UK’s largest filter manufacturers, we provide a complete range of air and water filters, as well as systems.
• Our size and expertise enable us to provide you with an all-in-one package including reduced filter costs, contamination prevention, improved indoor air quality (IAQ) and enhanced serviced system life cycles.
• We are committed to continuous environmental improvement. Our objective is to progressively introduce measures that optimise energy efficiency and prevent pollution. Thus reducing the environmental impact of the industries we serve.

Why we excel
• Our in-house expertise puts us at the forefront of innovation.
• As the only filter company with a UK based ISO16890 test laboratory, we can manufacture and supply filter products that meet International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and European (Eurovent) requirements.
• We provide a UK-wide ‘one-stop-shop’ for filters and installation meeting all your commercial air hygiene and water treatment needs.
• We provide air filters, clean ductwork, monitor indoor air quality and validate Clean Rooms.
• We manage water hygiene systems by monitoring, cleaning and refurbishing commercial systems.
• We have a proven track record in providing a fast turnaround, from order to delivery, including European-wide filter supply.
• We also provide a rapid and effective customer care and advice service.

Delivering clean air where it matters
We aim to provide our customers with ‘peace of mind’. We help them comply with all the statutory regulations required to protect the environment, care for the health and safety of their employees and customers/clients/patients, and the communities where they are based.

Our accreditation
Our working practices are validated by all the relevant industry bodies and we’ve quality standards and accreditation in place. These bodies include:
• International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO)
• European (Eurovent)

FREE Energy Filter Audit
Get in touch today to book a free energy filter audit to see how we can help you save money and so you can also get to know us, our team and services. This is a free service with no obligation to buy from us. Call us to book in or to find out more on 01278 452277 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Buy direct from us
All our energy rated products are available online for you to buy direct from us via our e-store.

We’re backing Clean Air Day & offering FREE energy saving filter surveys

We’re backing national Clean Air Day this week (June 15, 2023).

We’re lending our support by raising awareness of the impact of poor air quality and are offering companies a free energy-saving filter survey to help them protect their staff and customers.

Tackle air pollution

Our MD, Colin Hitch explains: “Run by Global Action Plan, Clean Air Day is the UK’s largest campaign highlighting the need to tackle air pollution. This annual event offers a chance for us all to find out more about air pollution, share information, and make air cleaner and healthier for everyone. 

Environmental health risk

“Our work covers the improvement of internal air quality but we’re naturally very keen to see improvements in overall air quality and a reduction in pollution. The Clean Air Day website states how air pollution causes?up to?36,000?deaths in the UK each year. It’s the largest environmental health risk we face today and is recognised as such by the World Health Organisation and the Government.

Physical health

“Clean air benefits our physical health including protecting our brains and also benefits our mental wellbeing. For decades researchers have known asthma, heart disease and cancers and their connection to air pollution. However, recent research in London has also revealed how it can affect the brain and the mind too.

Mental health 

“It’s been shown that those who breathe polluted air are more likely to develop mental health and brain conditions. Being exposed to air pollution is linked to depression, anxiety and dementia. When a person breathes polluted air, small particles can enter through their lungs, go into their bloodstream and reach the brain. 

“While our work involves internal air quality, there are huge links with Clean Air Day and what we do, and our mantra is: Clean Air Matters. Also, we’re a family run business and a large employer in this area, and at our other site in Waterlooville in Hampshire, as well as in Europe. We care about the planet, we care about our children and grandchildren, and we care about each other.”

Good indoor air hygiene

As well as cleaning up the air outside, it’s also vital to protect our health by ensuring the air within buildings is as clean as possible too.
Retailers, employers with office-based teams, those in hospitality and catering, anyone who has personnel working together inside, or welcomes customers into their building, all need to maintain good indoor air hygiene.

Impact on health & wellbeing

Research has shown that poor quality air, in mechanically ventilated buildings, can negatively impact on health and wellbeing too. It can potentially cause tiredness, lethargy, headaches and skin and eye irritations.

This can lead to increased sick days and poor staff productivity, which is not good for employees or employers. It’s very important to have effective, energy efficient air filters and filtration systems in place in all internal environments, and this is where we come in.

Get your free energy saving filter survey

We’re offering firms who use air filters a free energy saving filter survey to find out how they can save energy, which is good for the planet as well as their finances, while also ensuring they’re fully compliant legally with regards internal air quality requirements.

And that their teams and customers or patients are kept safe from air pollution and other potentially harmful, airborne particles. If you’d like a free filter survey, please get in touch to find out more.


Pupils cook up lessons for life with our donation

Pupils at Puriton Primary School have been learning all about healthy eating and making meals on a budget with the help of a £50 ASDA food voucher donated by us.

Recipes for success

The youngsters used the money to help with their DT lessons, which this term have the topic title of ‘Come Dine with Me’.

The children explored recipes and planned and made a two-course meal for four people. 

They worked in groups and each group was given a budget of £6.25 to buy their ingredients.

The starter was a non-cook dish that involved cutting up vegetables, while the main course was a pasta dish with a sauce. 

Tight budget

With such a tight budget, the children had to think carefully about their ingredients.  

During the two days, they prepared, cooked and then ate their meals.  

Many of them were adventurous and tried foods that they hadn’t eaten before and didn't anticipate liking! 

Skills for life

Cooking helps children gain invaluable physical, educational and life skills including fine motor and hand eye coordination, thinking about healthy eating, language development, maths and budgeting. It also has a scientific aspect too.