We’ve launched a new production line in Bridgwater

We’re making the new product – designed to help increase filter efficiency, reduce energy consumption and offer greater performance levels – at our factory in Bridgwater.

NEW – Superpleat Hi-Cap Panel Filters

Colin Hitch, our Managing Director, says: “Our inhouse clean air solution experts have created our new Superpleat XC Panel Filters. This new filter has self-righting properties, is suitable for damp and wet conditions, and can be used in any application where a regular disposable panel filter is currently being used.

Boost efficiency

“They are designed to consistently boost efficiency throughout the filter’s service life, saving businesses that use them in their air filtration systems, both energy and money. What’s also brilliant about these new filters is that they are resilient, which makes them much easier to transport, and virtually eliminates any shipping damage, so we can send them out both nationally and worldwide.

Maintain good air hygiene

“Companies, particularly in commercial, retail and office environments, and catering and hospitality sectors, all need air filters and filtration systems in place to maintain good air hygiene. Airborne particles can get into your lungs, potentially leading to health conditions. If air from outside is being drawn into a building with a fan, you’ll want to filter it before pumping it into a room, this stops unwanted polluting particles.

For health & wellbeing

“Our Superpleat XC Panel Filters are perfect, not just for commercial and industrial use, but also for residential settings – anywhere where clean air is essential for health and wellbeing. They can help prevent all sorts of pollutants from entering a building and deliver improved indoor air quality.

Thermally bonded media

“Our new panel filters are constructed using a thermally bonded synthetic non-woven media, which is formed into pleats to create an extended filter area for air to flow over.

“The self-supported pleats are sealed into a robust spunbond frame using hotmelt, which ensures a 100% seal at the filter edge. In addition, a hotmelt pleat fix is placed to ensure filter stability and further add to the filter’s strength. This is all done on our production line here in Bridgwater.”

Boost overall panel filter capacity

Our new automated production line runs continuously during the daytime resulting in a welcome boost in our overall panel filter capacity.

Strong, durable & safe

Colin adds: “Our new filters are strong, durable and safe – they are Fire Rated F1 DIN53438. They have a low pressure drop, are high dust holding, moisture proof and are better for the environment. This filter is classified as suitable for Waste to Energy (WtE) and providing it is disposed of in this way, zero goes to landfill. Having a lower pressure drop means a reduction in energy consumption and operating costs, which is also better for the planet.

Ideally for rough handling

“These filters are ideally suited to site situations where rough handling can take place, where pleated filters are currently in use and higher performance is required. They can run at high airflows and are not prone to collapse or burst.”

How to buy

Our new Superpleat XC Panel Filters and all our products can be purchased direct from us via our online one-stop-shop.

Staff donate toys to Children of Ukraine campaign

Our generous team has donated toys to a charity pre-loved sale in aid of St Mary’s Church in Chedzoy and the Unicef Children of Ukraine Campaign at Chedzoy Village Hall this Saturday (March 25) from 10.30am-4.30pm.

Staff rally together

Jane Bentley, our Company Secretary, said: “When we heard about the pre-loved toy sale in aid of the children of Ukraine, we knew our generous staff could rally together and help out.

Generous donations

“Many of them have children of their own, so had lots of spare or no longer needed toys, games and soft toys they were happy to donate to the cause and we have managed to collect a fantastic amount. We are extremely proud of everyone who has taken part and donated so generously.

“We hope lots of people go along to the sale to help raise money for the church’s fantastic fundraiser.”

Refreshments will be available to purchase on the day in aid of Chedzoy Playing Field.

We’ve launched our new energy & planet-saving Jenergie filter

Our Jenergie range of synthetic bag filters offer unparalleled energy ratings, with pressure drop and filtration efficiency, providing cost savings and environmental benefits too.

Unparalleled energy saving

Jason Day, our LEV Division Manager, says: “Our new Jenergie range, which offers unparalleled energy saving benefits, will be launched this week (February 14-16) at Filtech, the world’s largest filtration show, in Germany. To coincide with this, we’ve also released a series of video guides on the range on our website to help customers find out all about our new filters.

“We’re committed to continuous environmental improvement and have a team in Somerset devoted to developing innovative new products. Our objective is to progressively introduce measures that optimise energy efficiency gains and prevent pollution and, in so doing, reduce the environmental impact of the industries we serve. This is where Jenergie comes in.

Reducing energy bills

“Currently, all businesses are looking at cost savings and reducing their energy bills. Companies, particularly in commercial, retail and office environments, and catering and hospitality sectors, all need to have air filters and filtration systems in place to maintain good air hygiene.

“They’re essential in providing clean air for people to breathe and for reducing the transmission of airborne viruses like Covid, thus protecting both their workforces and their customers. Also in some work environments, it’s a legal requirement to have filters in place.

Healthy working environments

“Legislation and media attention have combined to make company owners increasingly aware of their responsibilities for maintaining healthy, safe working environments for their employees and customers.
“It’s known that poor quality air within mechanically ventilated buildings, negatively impacts on health, causing symptoms such as tiredness, lethargy, headaches, skin complaints and eye irritation. This can lead to poor staff productivity and increase sick days.

Our in-house lab

“Building owners and managers need to adhere to BS EN 13779: 2007 IAQ standards and have a clear duty to make sure they have appropriate measures in place and they’ve assessed risks that may be present in their ventilation systems that could impact on their employees’ health and lead to fires in ‘high-risk’ extract systems, such as cooking canopy extractors.

“Filtration systems require electricity to work and there are cost implications. In our inhouse lab in Bridgwater, we’ve been working hard to develop our new innovative Jenergie range of air filters that specifically meet our customers’ demands to help reduce their energy costs.

Reduce energy costs by up to 80%

“With our help, a firm installing new air filters and managing filter systems can reduce their energy costs by up to 80%. Businesses often don’t realise that running old systems is inefficient and by installing new filters, they can improve efficiency, do a better job of filtering the air and save on running costs. We offer a free energy saving survey to firms who would like to find out how they can save money on their filters, while ensuring they are fully compliant and their teams and customers are kept safe.
“Our new Jenergie range of products are first-class energy saving filters that help reduce electricity consumption, save money, control pollution and, in the long run, the cost to the planet and future generations.”

In-house expertise

As one of the UK’s largest air filter manufacturers, we provide a complete range of quality, standard and bespoke, air filters and systems, and all our products are made in Britain.

These include air purifiers, air filters, panel filters, washables, kitchen canopy grease filters, and HEPA filters.

Jason adds: “We’re also specialists in the field of water hygiene – providing a range of treatment solutions and services for commercial systems, and we’re committed to continuous environmental improvement. Our in-house expertise as air filter manufacturers puts us at the forefront of innovation in the commercial air hygiene and water treatment industry.”

How to buy

Our products can be purchased direct from us via our online one-stop-shop.

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