HEPA and carbon filters for soldering environments

HEPA and carbon filters for soldering environments

Do you run a business which requires your team to work in soldering environments?

It’s really important to ensure you keep your staff safe at work and protect them from potential ill-health, so all soldering fume extractors, that recirculate the air back into the working environment, must be appropriately filtered.

HEPA or carbon filters

This must be done using both particulate filters, ideally HEPA, and molecular filters, carbon, to remove both the smoke particulate and the gaseous contaminates found in the fume.

It’s of most importance they are protected often with a pre filter panel or pad to protect these main filters against damage from larger dirt and debris.

Soldering extracts are often found in electronic component manufacturing where people are assembling circuit boards or working with wiring looms.

Respiratory illnesses

It’s key that the operators are not breathing in the soldering fumes or smoke, which can in some applications still contain lead and other harmful substances, that can lead to occupational asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

All filters must be designed and sized to have the capacity to not only handle the volume of air passing through them, but the ability to arrest and/or absorb the number of contaminants going into them.

Maintenance checks & inspections

Maintenance checks and inspections are key to ensuring they are always working efficiently and effectively.

All filtered and non-filtered soldering fume extracts are classed as an LEV – Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV).

So, they must undergo statutory thorough examinations and testing, at least every 14 months, under the COSHH regulations.

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