We’re offering free air filter energy audits to help firms reach net zero

We’re offering free air filter energy audits to help firms reach net zero

As a British manufacturer of air filters, we’re offering businesses the chance to hit their net zero targets by reducing energy costs with a free air filter energy saving audit.

Firms in indoor retail, heavy industry, catering or hospitality, healthcare, education and public buildings need proper air filtration to help maintain healthy working and leisure environments.

Inside 90% of the time

Colin Hitch, our Managing Director, explains: “Every indoor space where people gather for work or pleasure should be properly ventilated. If you stop to think about your average day, unless you have a job in the great outdoors like a conservationist, gardener or farmer, then you’re inside pretty much 90% of the time.

“It’s not just our working lives that are spent in buildings, our leisure time is too. By day we might be in offices, warehouses, manufacturing plants, schools, cafés and retail environments and in the evenings, restaurants, theatres, sports complexes, shopping centres and cinemas. The list is endless.

Save energy & money

“However, we appreciate that there is a financial cost to companies when it comes to providing good quality indoor air to keep their staff and customers healthy and well.

“That’s why we’re offering anyone with an air filtration system a free air filter energy audit to see how they can save energy and money without compromising air quality and safety.

Planet & people pledge

“There’s no obligation to buy from us, it’s part of our ongoing planet and people pledge to help keep everyone healthy through the provision of breathable safe indoor air and to conserve and save the earth’s resources at the same time.

“By using low energy filters, you can reduce your energy use substantially. We offer our regular clients free filtration energy audits on and ongoing basis but are happy to extend this to anyone who is keen to find out more. The right filter will actually pay for itself over a fairly short period of time too.

Reaching net zero

“We’re happy to chat to any commercial air filter users, whether they are our customers or not, to give them free help and advice on how they can move towards reaching net zero through reductions in energy use. Also, as part of our planet and people pledge, we promote recycling air filters, where possible, and can advise on what products to use that can be recycled.

“For example, we’ve recently created a new panel filter, which is classified as suitable for Waste to Energy (WtE) and, providing it’s disposed of like this, zero goes to landfill.

“Our SuperpleatXC Panel Filter is unusual in that the entire filter in this case can go to WtE. Parts of other air filters are recyclable – metal frames for example, but it takes a bit of work.

Reduce & recycle

“These filters also help increase efficiency, reduce energy consumption and offer greater performance levels, which is another big plus point when it comes to reaching net zero.

“We can recycle the metal frames from other bag and panel filters, as part of the services we provide. We can either collect used filters and recycle the metal, or the customer can send them back to us for the service to be carried out.”

Buy from us

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