Why choose a Eurovent Certified Company?

Why choose a Eurovent Certified Company?

It’s really important to choose a Eurovent Certified Company for your air filters.

Now, more than ever, it’s vital to know that the filter you are buying will perform to the levels that the manufacturer is claiming.

Guarantee of performance

Eurovent certification is your guarantee of performance. There are many counterfeit filter medias available, which simply will not meet the standards claimed.

Indeed, many filter suppliers are not even able to test their filters to the latest standards and so are unable to guarantee filtration levels.

Tested air filters

We test our air filters to EN16890 and EN1822.

As the UK’s longest established air filter manufacturer, we pride ourselves in the levels of quality and service we offer.

Plus, we’re the only air filter manufacturer based in the UK that has an ISO16890 test facility too.

Buy our products

You can buy our products direct via our one-stop-shop.

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