We’ve launched a new production line in Bridgwater

We’ve launched a new production line in Bridgwater

We’re making the new product – designed to help increase filter efficiency, reduce energy consumption and offer greater performance levels – at our factory in Bridgwater.

NEW – SuperpleatXC Panel Filters

Colin Hitch, our Managing Director, says: “Our inhouse clean air solution experts have created our new SuperpleatXC Panel Filters. This new filter has self-righting properties, is suitable for damp and wet conditions, and can be used in any application where a regular disposable panel filter is currently being used.

Boost efficiency

“They are designed to consistently boost efficiency throughout the filter’s service life, saving businesses that use them in their air filtration systems, both energy and money. What’s also brilliant about these new filters is that they are resilient, which makes them much easier to transport, and virtually eliminates any shipping damage, so we can send them out both nationally and worldwide.

Maintain good air hygiene

“Companies, particularly in commercial, retail and office environments, and catering and hospitality sectors, all need air filters and filtration systems in place to maintain good air hygiene. Airborne particles can get into your lungs, potentially leading to health conditions. If air from outside is being drawn into a building with a fan, you’ll want to filter it before pumping it into a room, this stops unwanted polluting particles.

For health & wellbeing

“Our SuperpleatXC Panel Filters are perfect, not just for commercial and industrial use, but also for residential settings – anywhere where clean air is essential for health and wellbeing. They can help prevent all sorts of pollutants from entering a building and deliver improved indoor air quality.

Thermally bonded media

“Our new panel filters are constructed using a thermally bonded synthetic non-woven media, which is formed into pleats to create an extended filter area for air to flow over.

“The self-supported pleats are sealed into a robust spunbond frame using hotmelt, which ensures a 100% seal at the filter edge. In addition, a hotmelt pleat fix is placed to ensure filter stability and further add to the filter’s strength. This is all done on our production line here in Bridgwater.”

Boost overall panel filter capacity

Our new automated production line runs continuously during the daytime resulting in a welcome boost in our overall panel filter capacity.

Strong, durable & safe

Colin adds: “Our new filters are strong, durable and safe – they are Fire Rated F1 DIN53438. They have a low pressure drop, are high dust holding, moisture proof and are better for the environment. This filter is classified as suitable for Waste to Energy (WtE) and providing it is disposed of in this way, zero goes to landfill. Having a lower pressure drop means a reduction in energy consumption and operating costs, which is also better for the planet.

Ideally for rough handling

“These filters are ideally suited to site situations where rough handling can take place, where pleated filters are currently in use and higher performance is required. They can run at high airflows and are not prone to collapse or burst.”

How to buy

Our new SuperpleatXC Panel Filters and all our products can be purchased direct from us via our online one-stop-shop.

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