Golden Leaf Awards at Puriton school supported by us

Jason Day LEV Division Manager and Eloise Day Marketing Assistant at Jasun Envirocare with children from Puriton Primary School

We are funding Puriton Primary School’s annual Golden Leaf Awards, which are presented by the charity Friends of Puriton Primary School (FOPPS) to children who follow the school’s golden rules.

Doing our bit in the community

We feel it is vital to do our bit for the community and the Friends of Puriton Primary School charity focuses on helping children in education, which is an extremely important cause, so we decided to get involved.

We have started by funding the school’s Golden Leaf Awards, these are awarded to children who follow the school’s golden rules, relating, for example, to attitude. We have funded WH Smith vouchers of £10 each for the winners of the awards to receive alongside their certificates. ​The children are encouraged to buy books with their vouchers as this links with the school’s vision to promote a life-long love of reading for all pupils. 

We’d like to say a huge ‘congratulations’ to the all the children who received these awards recently.

Working to support families

Eloise Day, our Marketing Assistant, said: “Puriton Primary School is a school close to my heart as three of my children have attended here. I felt it was necessary to support a school and charity that is constantly working hard to support families all the time. The children’s hard work and dedication inspires us all and we’re looking forward to working with them more in the future.”  

Puriton Primary School is situated in the village of Puriton, three miles north of Bridgwater. The school has approximately 200 pupils aged between four and 11-years-old.

Community working together

Susie Norris, Chair of FOPPS, said: “FOPPS has been in place for many years, but was heavily impacted by the pandemic. I took up the role as Chair in May 2022 and we have managed to run several successful events since that time. 

“It’s wonderful to see the community working together to raise funds for additional resources to enhance the learning opportunities for our children. We are keen to focus on the development of our new Forest School this year, with an understanding that outdoor learning is so beneficial for the children’s well-being.

“We are thrilled to have made such supportive links with Jasun Envirocare. It’s fantastic to have the support from a local company who are keen to invest in our children’s future. This additional investment will enable us, as a charity, to provide even more resources for the children at school.”

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